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  1. The items I attempted to buy were mainly virtual goods. There were multiple payments made to multiple accounts and it on totally resulted in me losing £500. What I’m worried about is the fact that the payments are made by friends and family, PayPal says they cannot help so does that mean Barclays dispute won’t work? Also if it does get charged back where does the money come from? PayPal can’t usually backtrack friends and family payments. I have contact Barclays on the banking app and they said they’re sending me a letter which I have to return within 10 working days. What do I write in this letter?
  2. Hi, the transactions were paid from my debit card via PayPal. My card is registered.
  3. I have been scammed a sizeable amount via PayPal in which the seller told me to send as friends and family to numerous accounts. I am new the the PayPal service and I had no general idea about these services, could Barclays help me reverse these transactions in this case?
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