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  1. Hello all, I have to deliver time-critical equipment to a variety of hospitals around central London. It's been accepted for a long time (over 6 years), although nothing in the actual original contracts of employment, that any fines incurred due to crap parking/speeding/general bad driving shall attach to the driver who was driving the registration plate of the truck at the time the infringement was occurred. However, Recently a few times I've been ordered in the moment on the phone to park on double-yellow lines to make the delivery due to the negligence of the hospital security locking gates. I want to put in writing to management that "of course my dear overlord sirs, I shall park anywhere ye request me to, however, I shall also humbly request that any fine I get shall be paid out your purse and not mine!" (You get the drift of the style of management, yes?) I don't want to paint a target on my back, but I feel they're being unreasonable expecting me to park where it isn't safe. Of course the answer is clearly "well talk to them", but it's not as simple as that as most of the other drivers are Eastern European youth who are so replaceable (as I am too) that any complaints we'll get the bum's rush, so they keep quiet. Any legislation or employment law I can quote here people please? Ta.
  2. In case anyone is interested - I got a final response from Eurostar. No dice. Only vouchers given since March. Valid for 12months, so I can't complain really. Fair enough. Better than a thousand passive-aggressive responses from BankFodder which always start every paragraph with "I'm afraid...". Ha! You shouldn't be so afraid mate! ;) Love this site!
  3. Might seem a bit of a strange question, please bear with me. I had a DRO back in 2013, I got myself into a lot of trouble. November 2019 the DRO came to an end and a week later my bank, TSB, whom most of my £15k debt which was written off through the DRO, contacted me and said "Hi Hick, would you like a credit card?" "Erm, ok, clearly I'm a great risk, but your computer says great, so ok yes please...." Boom, £10k credit card! I've tried hard in the last year since then, but nothing's really changed. My hatred for the banks is still the same, my dislike of my own life is unchanged. if I were to buy £9,000 worth of gold bars from royal mint and give them to my nephew on the strict instruction to keep them to himself, then wait a few months whilst I'm making minimum monthly repayments on credit cards. If I were then to "die", - with a proven death certificate and evidence of cremation of my old bones. Would my nephew get to keep the gold? Sorry if this seems a bit of an odd question, however a lot of posters here seem to know their stuff I'd appreciate insight. My hatred for TSB runs deep. Cheers, HickD.
  4. Ok, makes sense. Thanks for the response. I was simply concerned that although it is NOW statute barred, they might issue a claim saying my contacting them two years ago when it WASN'T statute barred reset the clock. However, you've put my mind at rest, I think. So thanks for all responses. You have my permission to close this thread now.
  5. I think you've misunderstood my question DX - I KNOW it's statute barred because the last time I communicated with SLC or asked to defer was well over 6 years ago. My question was, did I reset the clock by writing in response to Erudio's letter demanding payment in 2018? I didn't offer payment to Erudio in my letter to them, but did the very fact I responded with the SLC loan reference numbers reset the clock? Yes or no please. I've read around the threads here, nothing directly answers my question.
  6. Deferent form last sent back May 2013 (edited to say, sent back to SLC May 2013) Never heard of Erudios till their first letter 2018 telling me I owed them money.
  7. Thanks for reply. My response to Erudios certainly didn't state an intention to repay!! Ha! It stated an intention which if I were to write here would probably see me moderated! My concern is that I contacted them in 2018 when the debt wasn't statute barred and simply said, "who are you, I'm not repaying my student loans to a random stranger who contacts me, show me a CCA". The debt is now safely SB'd BUT did my writing in response to them saying "get knotted" restart the clock? The reason for my question, is I have a few friends from Uni in the same boat as me, and we've started to notice actual letters of claim and pre-action protocols being sent for the first time. Maybe Erudio are getting desperate and starting to follow through on their baseless threats. I'd feel more comfortable to know exactly where I stand. Facts rather than opinions, etc. - did my writing to them to say "I'm not paying", reset the SB clock. Yes or no, please.
  8. Thanks for reply. Last time my deferment was accepted was May 2013. That ran for a year. May 2014 comes round and I phone up SLC asking for deferment forms, they say no, it's been sold, wait to hear from debt buyer. Heard from debt buyer first time 2018. Sent a SAR to SLC, comes back, sure enough it shows my phone call to them in May 2014, no details of what was discussed, but no deferent forms sent. Any advice please?
  9. Hi, I have an old student loan pre-98 that was sold to a company I've never heard of called Erudios. When they first started sending me letters about it in 2018 I sent a few letters back denying the debt and telling them to "go find another sucker". The letters kept coming, so I sent a SAR to Student Loans Company and a month later a wedge of paper arrived showing the last time I contacted SLC or asked to defer was May 2014. By my understanding of things due to no contact, no payment, no deferment with SLC since May 2014, these three old student loans "SHOULD" have become statute barred in May of this year? However, my concern is, did my responding to Erudios letter reset the SB clock? I have spoken at length to Money Advice Service and the call handler said I should probably call them up and enter into some sort of £1 a month plan as my writing to them has definitely acknowledged the debt? I'd be very depressed if this was true? I've never earned over the threshold, always deferred on time with SLC. Stopped in 14 when they told me the debt would have been sold and to wait to hear from new company. (Didn't record call, so can't prove SLC said that, but for what it's worth they did. First time I heard was 4 years later in 18!!) does my writing to Erudios to say "I'm not paying" reset the SB clock, as at my time of writing in 2018 the debt WASN'T SB'd, but now in Nov 2020 it is. Cheers for any heads up with this people...
  10. Hi, basically I booked a return ticket on Eurostar for last August, due to the pandemic I obviously cancelled and, fair play to Eurostar, they sent me a voucher for the full amount within 24hrs. The vouchers are valid for a year, however upon reflection, I can't see me using them now any time soon, so would rather have the cash. Would it be possible to use the vouchers today to book a single journey to the full amount, £115 (or perhaps to a slightly greater amount using cash, say £130), wait a few days, then cancel the ticket again but this time demand a cash refund? I've looked at the Eurostar T&C's and can't find a definitive answer. What do you all think? All opinions welcome. Ta.
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