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  1. That advice is all good. Thanks for everyone's help. its appreciated
  2. Thanks for responses. The post thats been deleted was posted before the post requesting bullet points. I was deliberately vague on the type of debt it was. However a utility company is not a service provider The answer provided in respect of the income form is great. The only question i have now is if its reasonable to request breakdown of how the debt has been calculated and any contract hey may have been in place. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for your response Emergency vet bill. I don't think they've bought the debt judging by the way they word the letters Value is about 2k, Paid online monthly. Original arrangement was set up over the phone a couple of years ago. They call every month and refuse to drop the payment to a reasonable, affordable amount. No problem filling out an income and expenditure form i just don't think asking form evidence is reasonable. Thanks again.
  4. Its just come to my attention that a friend has been getting pressure from a company called ACT credit management. They are collecting a debt on behalf of a service provider. My friend has been pressured to pay far more than they can afford and I've suggested that they request an income and expenditure form. This has been sent but insists on evidence for all about goings. Bank statements etc. Can they legally insist on this evidence. I'd also like to know if it reasonable to request details of the debt. it wasn't credit agreement it was for an essential service that sho
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