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  1. Purchase price £19.5k Mercedes GLA Night Edition The closest i can find in terms of spec is a Premium Plus although the advertised touch screen would have been a very expansive optional extra Year older P Plus model without touch screen £23k
  2. Even if the contract was made at the point of collection the advert had been withdrawn so no reference was available. don't know if that's relevant. I will also rely on the 1999 act. The car purchase is nothing to do with business and I'm a building contractor thanks.
  3. Hi Mediation did not resolve the issue. Should i join Santandar as a co-defendant before it goes to a hearing or would it be a new claim? Thanks
  4. Yes thats a really good angle. I have a car dealer friend who also advised the same course of action. Thank you you've been very helpful t
  5. It was always refundable. I think the third party rights and the fact it was partly funded by a part exchange is enough If its struck out I'll go to Santander t
  6. Yes it was refunded. Although I struggled to get it off them. They didn't get me to sign a crucial document in respect of the finance agreement. They insisted I sign it retrospectively before they re-funded, I refused until they'd refunded. They eventfully refunded me and i still haven't signed it. Thanks again..your advice in respect of "rights of third parties" is really relevant and helpful T
  7. Thank you for your helpful reply. Yes I'm claiming the difference between the specification of the advertised car and the specification of the actual car. I paid a reservation fee to take it off sale They actually admit to most of the points raised in respect to the missing features. I'm quite happy purchasing vehicles long distance. I procure several vans a year for my business along with Cars and Scooters for personal use. My personal car is always new, but thanks for your concern
  8. 204MC001-claim-form-claimant-copy1.pdf 204MC001-claim-response.pdf
  9. Thank you for your response. Reeds Auto Santandar Docs uploaded T
  10. Hi I bought a used car from a dealer that wasn't as described. Long story short I've issued a claim against them with is going to mediation soon. The car was funded half part exchange and half finance. I know with hire purchase, it is the finance provider, rather than the dealer, who is legally responsible if there are problems with the car and they are trying to get the case thrown out based on this...but there was a part ex involved. Does that make them responsible? Thnk you for any help t
  11. That advice is all good. Thanks for everyone's help. its appreciated
  12. Thanks for responses. The post thats been deleted was posted before the post requesting bullet points. I was deliberately vague on the type of debt it was. However a utility company is not a service provider The answer provided in respect of the income form is great. The only question i have now is if its reasonable to request breakdown of how the debt has been calculated and any contract hey may have been in place. Thanks again
  13. Thanks for your response Emergency vet bill. I don't think they've bought the debt judging by the way they word the letters Value is about 2k, Paid online monthly. Original arrangement was set up over the phone a couple of years ago. They call every month and refuse to drop the payment to a reasonable, affordable amount. No problem filling out an income and expenditure form i just don't think asking form evidence is reasonable. Thanks again.
  14. Its just come to my attention that a friend has been getting pressure from a company called ACT credit management. They are collecting a debt on behalf of a service provider. My friend has been pressured to pay far more than they can afford and I've suggested that they request an income and expenditure form. This has been sent but insists on evidence for all about goings. Bank statements etc. Can they legally insist on this evidence. I'd also like to know if it reasonable to request details of the debt. it wasn't credit agreement it was for an essential service that should have been paid when the invoice was presented. I'm not convinced that the original cost was fair. Thanks in advance
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