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  1. Thanks for your reply, yes they got the items back undamaged. The police got of to sign the recorded warning but the man in tesco didn't have me sign anything, he just took my name and address, didn't ask any other questions or say anything about a "fine" Was just a one off. I had just lost and buried my 21 year old nephew. So really wasn't in right frame of mind. Deffo wont be doing that again. Nearly 30, with a clean record up till now so was a big shock for some stupid items that I had the money to actually pay for. I'm currently in the processes of being refereed to a therapist. To try and help. I'll make sure that I update this if I recieve any more letters from them and I'll make sure to keep them.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. Stupidly I was caught shoplifting around £30 worth of items from tesco. (been going through a lot recently and just been in self-destruct mode) Police were called and I was given a recorded warning from them. However today by suprise I recieved a letter from a solicitors called DWF. The letter states that I've to pay they £125. Now I have read a lot of posts that say just to ignore them, but I'm sure none of them had the police involved. Can anyone give me some advice on if I'm required to pay this ? PS I've really shredded the letter and gave the remains to my fire pit.
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