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  1. Hi Thanks for replying. I have had conflicting advice from Santander. I was told only 1 extension allowed by one (it was extended in August) but another said our solicitor can request one. We are now doing the latter. Although our vendor has put her property back on the market. She's desperately hoping we can exchange ASAP. Meanwhile we wait anxiously
  2. Hi. We are in the process of buying and selling property and in a chain. Our vendors have finished their queries a few months ago and finally lost their patience with us (rightly, and have put their house back on the market just recently). Meanwhile, our mortgage offer runs out (Santander) on 28th of this month. It has already been extended once by 2 months due to COVID19. The delay appears to be due to the fact our buyers have 2 sets of solicitors for all the queries to go through. They are taking out an Islamic mortgage and therefore have a lender’s (bank) solicitor as well as their own one. For some reason or another, these queries only arose from about August although offers were accepted in March this year. I'm so anxious that we cannot complete in the such short time span we have. Lots of time and money would be wasted. We just don't know what we can do as every time we think we could be at exchange, further queries arise Seeking any help from anyone who've been through similar... TIA (apologies for grammatical errors)
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