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  1. I've sent it just now as they offer repayment holiday for all this time. Still awaiting response
  2. is this the same with me paying £5 to Cabot for lloyds credit card. Should I stop paying this too?
  3. at the moment I'm still paying £5. I'm not sure what to do. Thank you for all your help. This group is a massive help
  4. Yes. the date is 2016. May I ask why not to send that request to HSBC?
  5. Does anyone have a right address for HSBC Uk to send them CCA request? I can't find one anywhere. I greatly appreciate your help Ecik
  6. I've checked the address they've provided and belongs to Metropolitan Collection Services which I never heard of
  7. Hi Guys, I need some advise. I've sent a CCA request to Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited which collecting money on behalf of HSBC for a credit card and in a letter they've stated that I need to contact our client directly. That is the address they've provided: Metro Collection Services 56 St James Road Edgbaston Birmingham B15 1 JL. Can someone confirm is that the right procedure? If anyone also send CCA requests to HSBC and is this the right address? Thanks for your help Ecik
  8. Just phoned them again. They do not have a bank accounts for me to set up direct debit or standing order. They offer to send statement over the post but with £5 charge every month. They don't send statements through emails. And again they're insisting that making payments is only available over the phone. I do not have copy of the agreement with paypal credit.
  9. How can I force them to provide bank details? They insisting that the payments over the phone is the only way. So far I was using same phone number and payments went through. They even send a confirmation email about the payment. And I don't get any kind of statements. Only on my paypal account which is now blocked.
  10. They don't want to provide any bank details so I do payments over the phone. But until now I could at least check my balance and charges before I made a payment.
  11. Hi. It was my negligence. Paypal sold the debt to Moorcroft. At the moment Im ignoring them. But not sure what to do next
  12. Paypal Uk I believe. And yes is on my credit file. I'm not in arreas and outstanding balance is £531 which I want to carry on paying off.
  13. Hi Guys. Paypal blocked my main account due to not clearing my negative balance. I can't acces my paypal credit account so I'm not able to see my balance, charges etc. Do you know if that's legal? Any help would be much appreciated
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