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  1. Should I send it to any Lloyds address or there's specific one? Thanks again. It means a lot knowing there's someone who is willing to help. I appreciate it
  2. As not english person I'm finding it really difficult to deal with all this. . I'm not even sure what SAR is and where to send it. When I asked lloyds to start investigation about irresponsible lending (all done over the phone nearly 4 weeks ago) they've gave me ref number but didn't hear anything back. They've sent me a letter about overdraft that it has all fees and interest stopped and default will go on this account for 6 years and that the collection department will contact me. How can I start an investigation about irresponsible landing the righ
  3. I requested to Lloyds to check if increase of my overdraft was done correctly as I had already bad credit score and if they checked my affordability then. There's a investigation going on. I've requested that over the phone when I informed them that I'm no longer able to pay overdraft fees. Do you think that should be done in writing? I. got ref number for the investigation but that's all. Please advise
  4. Just to fully understand. : I should stop paying : HSBC credit card and Overdraft Ask for CCA from cabot How about very recent LLOYDS overdraft debt. Just got the letter today stating that they defaulted this account and collection depart. will contact soon to arrange repayments. I guess I just need to wait to see what they will come up with. But before any of that I should write to all creditors to inform them that I will stop paying them? Due to my bad financial situation? I know I'm asking a lot but apprecia
  5. Credit card was used maybe in 2014 last. then i was only repaying min. payments till 2016 but this was killing me and I had to stop. On credit reports shows both credit card and overdraft as HSBC accounts. So if account is defaulted in 2016 would it disappear from credit file after 6 years or will stay there until is paid off? I really thank you for your time. E.
  6. Hsbc credit card 2007 Overdraft was set online and can't get the dates but around 2010
  7. Thank you. Can't find any documents from Moorcroft with this information on though.
  8. Accourding to credit carma Lloyds credit card Jun 2013 Hsbc credit card July 2007 Hsbc Overdraft (acvount opened in 2004). I'm not understanding the question about Moorcroft. On their letter it states only: Moorcroft Group, Moorcroft House, P. O Box No. 17 2 Spring Gardens Stockport SK1 4AJ Soory but have no acces to old letters from them tonight. Many thanks for your reply E. Should CCA request be sent by email or through post or by phone call?
  9. Good evening. Just discovered this forum and would like to ask for some help. I got defaulted credit card account from Lloyds since Dec2016 and repaying £5 a month to Cabot Financial. (still owing £5085) Also got defaulted credit card from HSBC since Nov 2016 (owing £3889) repaying £5 to Moorcroft debt col company plus defaulted overdraft HBSC account since Aug 2017(owing £389) paying £5 a month to Moorcroft. My situation worsen due to pandemic and my current Lloyds account is overdrawn by £5000 and is now with Lloyds collection department. All
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