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  1. Just to give you an update: I've heard nothing. The 28 days notice they wanted me to pay for has coincided with the national lockdown where gyms were forced to close so I'm hoping they're going to let it lie. Of course that might change when more people go back to on December 2nd. When I hear anything I'll come back to report.
  2. Hi dx, Yeah I've seen that mentioned, though I'm surprised that if it's unlawful how they even have the gall to suggest it in the first place - there must be a loop hole they have handy. Sam
  3. Good morning, Thanks for the reply. This gym involves Legacy Leisure, the gym I use is Rutland Sports Park, though my account is linked to Friesland Sports Centre as that’s where I initially signed up (they have 5 different sites all working as one in this area). It was a council owned and run gym before they brought in this third party to do it for them (and reduced the quality, but that’s a story for another day). As suggested I have cancelled the direct debit. I received another email last night telling me that they would freeze my account for a further 6 months f
  4. Hi, I'm sorry to add to the deluge of gym issue that are already here but I was hoping for some advice on my situation. I have had my gym membership payments frozen over lockdown, and when they reopened again in July I opted to continue to freeze mine for a further three months. I'm not sure about others but I just don't have trust in the general populous (or rather the people I've seen use that gym) to do their share to keep things clean and Covid free (despite an email today telling me that they give me 'the strongest assurance' that it is being well cleaned - frankl
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