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  1. Yes I won’t I know what these sharks are but she can’t be made to pay. Scottish Power were hopeless with communication too.
  2. Thanks folks. I will block emails good idea to do that. My sister is responsible for this so they should be contacting her as POA
  3. My late stepfather passed away in March and my sister who is his next of kin was handling his estate through power of attorney. She was not good with money and had lots of debts but pushed me and my brother out of the way when her dad died. There was £6k in his current account and a small life insurance he ce why she cut us off. We are financially independent anyway. My step dad had an ongoing dispute with Scottish Power over his gas bills which resulted in a unpaid bill of £5k. I did set up an internet account for him to liase with SP to try get his bill down. However I keep receiving emails addressed to him asking for payment and this week LCS have got involved. I know I am not responsible for his debt but should I notify them of who was handling his affairs? I am estranged from her For good but don’t want any debt letters arriving at my home.
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