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  1. Hello. I've been paying step change monthly for some time now. No issues there and they have always been extremely helpful and encourage me to only pay what I can. I feel so foolish about the situation I am. It's so ironic, I thought I could continue to claim to get myself out of a hole but it's just turned into a pit of lies. I just need to sleep, my head is throbbing.
  2. Hello, @Anxiety123 I'm wondering how you got on please? I have just posted my own situation here and would be grateful of any advice please. TIA
  3. Hello. I am after some advice please. I have been knowingly claiming Child Tax and Working Tax Credits since reuniting with my partner. I acknowledge that it is fraud and I should have immediately reported a change of circumstances. That aside, I have received a letter detailing that Mr X has links to my address during a 4 month window in 2019 and I would like peoples experience of such interviews. I plan to be honest, ironic I know. My main concern is that I work for the NHS and should I be convicted, I would likely lose my job. I understand that my consequences have actions but without my job, I won't be in a position to repay what I owe. I already have a step change agreement in place. I really do not wish to bog this with excuses but I haven't been using the money for holidays/fine dining/handbags...it has been used to booster a low income family. I would be grateful if I could hear from anyone who has been through the same and ease my worries by informing me what I can expect. Thank you.
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