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  1. The knife was bought on separate days. I never had more than on one on me. The police were informed but nothing was done about it.
  2. When I did take the knife out, it was done in the toilets where there was no one around and it went straight in my pocket. All they knew was that I had bought it.
  3. I get that but surely, whatever I decide to do with it once I've paid for it is up to me. It's not like I do it deliberately to scare people. I still think a ban is harsh.
  4. Bank - That's what I thought and thank you HB - I get that but it just seems harsh for punishment.
  5. Bank -- thank you for that, I'm just really confused because it's not like I stole anything. Ethel - it was a kitchen knife and no, I had already paid for it. I just took it out the packet.
  6. I'm new to all this and not sure where else to post but I was banned today from a supermarket for buying the same thing over again. I haven't stolen anything and all I did was buy something, take it out of the packet to use and now I've been banned -- all because I bought the item again but this time not for me. Can they do this and can they stop me from reentering the store? I've not signed anything, it was just the security guard who told me I was banned.
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