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  1. Thanks DX. I trust your answers as a person clearly more experienced in this field than I, but could you please provide some information as to why they won't chase - just for my peace of mind. Their email mentions insolvency, court, etc - presumably as an intimidation tactic? Below is an excerpt which has me worried. Again, thanks for your response and expertise.
  2. Hello, I'll keep this short and digestible in bullet format. UK born, raised, citizen etc. Worked in Canada for 3 months. Had a phone SIM whilst in Canada with Rogers. Before getting on the plane, I binned the SIM and never used it again - I paid each month so figured it was PAYG. With NO other communication I received an email from a Canadian debt collector offering payment solutions (instalments etc) on a debt of $800CAD to the phone company. I am now back in the UK and live here permanently. I would happily pay any debts I think were reaso
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