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  1. Thank you for your reply The property was sold before he re-married just to clarify, thou I do feel very aggrieved by the way it was all dealt with following on from my Mother's passing. The years that passed we both should have settled the matter but alas never did. The chance for that have now passed I was just wondering if there was any chance that a will or arrangement could be contested and also find some recognition in the fact that his financial stability to move on came from the initial arrangement from my Mother purchasing the house as a council tenant.
  2. I have just discovered that my Step Father has died. He married my Mother in 1984 and my Mother passed away in 1991 intestate. Before her untimely death at only 45 years of age she was to move away with her husband (my stepfather). They were to sell the house we all lived in I was 22 my brother 26. We were to receive a sum of money to "grow our wings" and move on. This never happened and after my Mother's death my Stepfather became very difficult to talk about the situation, even though the house was owned because of my Mother being a council tenant and the discount scheme that they took up
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