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  1. All done and dusted! Tomlin order in place and the court has my up to date address! What a relief! Thanks as ever to Andorch and Dx you guys are life savers!
  2. The DCA has just sent through a Tomlin order that I have signed and returned. Let's hope the judge accepts it at the hearing!
  3. They said they would accept a Tomlin but it's too late in the day to sort now and that I should announce my intention for a Tomlin order at the hearing. Guess I just go for an adjournment and keep my fingers crossed then!
  4. Is it worth me settling this with the DCA before the hearing this afternoon? Given it's a coin flip that i'll even get an adjournment and even if i do it's also then a coin flip as to whether the judge will accept my evidence once i've put my WS together. If so do i just contact the DCA before court to work this out? I really can't afford to get a CCJ at this point!
  5. i explained to the mediator that i have nevr had a credit card above the initial 1.5k credit limit and that was my whole problem with this case
  6. Thank you Andyorch, as ever your advice is very much appreciated. Lets hope my humbleness and ignorance of the law has an impact on the judge
  7. Ahh Dx you hero! Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease. I thought this might be the case but just wanted to be prepared in case. I'll join the meeting tomorrow, produce proof that i have informed them of my change of address and never received their WS and ask for an adjournment to prepare properly. Any other thoughts about what i might need to do to be prepared or just go with this trail of thought? Thanks a million as always!
  8. Just checked my proof of posting to be sure but it was just the claimant and not the sols...
  9. Good afternoon Please find below the Microsoft Teams link for your hearing listed at the Weymouth Combined Court, 18th May 2022 at 2:30pm. To join the hearing, hover your cursor over the link below, press the control (ctrl) button on your keyboard and click the left-hand button on your mouse. Microsoft Teams Link: Kind regards Miss Caroline Marshall Tribunal Clerk, CVP Administrator, Digital Support Officer, CFT Administration Officer Weymouth Combined Court | HMCTS | The Law Courts, Westwey Road | Weymouth | DT4 8BS Phone: 01305 752516 Mobile: 07889 410444 gov.uk/hmcts
  10. Hi Caggers, Heart in mouth moment! Just got an email through for a teams meeting tomorrow for a hearing at the combined courts.... With regards to the thread of this post last year in April i did the mediation which didn't work out as expected and then all went quiet on the western front. I moved house about 6 months ago and i updated all of my creditors but didn't think like an absolute imbecile to do the same for the court. I haven't prepared a witness statement, nothing! If this email hadn't of come through i wouldn't of had a clue this hearing was even due to take place. I feel like a right numpty! Is there anything at all i can do at this point?
  11. Just in case it happens to anyone else i couldn't get the link to work from Andys post in the forum because i was using a VPN! Ooops Also just had a quick question. Is there any significance that Lowells N180 has put 0 for amount of witnesses? Do they not intend to have someone attend the hearing?
  12. Thanks gents. Dx that link doesn't work for me but the new one supplied by Andy does
  13. Afternoon all, Received the N180 and have to file it by the 6th April. Trying to use the editable N180 from the Andys forum post here.... When i click the link in the post it says: 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied. Have tried logging out and back in to the forums with no luck can anyone suggest where else i could find the editable N180 or could someone maybe send it to me? Thanks, MDG
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