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  1. I've attached the letter of claim below. I hope it is good enough to send. Thanks Letter before claim version 2 docx.docx
  2. Hi BankFodder, Sorry for just vanishing for a while. I have written some drafts for the letter of claim, but I am yet to complete it. Thanks for your advice in the last message I appreciate it. I will try to complete the letter for tomorrow and show you before sending it off. Many thanks
  3. I've joined the Hermes group on Facebook, and I am in the process of writing the letter. Thanks for your patience.
  4. I sent the parcel on the 10th of September. The package contained shoes. The parcel is worth £70, and that's what I marked it as on the lost claims form. I paid £3.04 for delivery. I was refunded £23.04 So I am owed £50.
  5. I think I will just have to do it. It is really unfair that they are stealing peoples money like this. Please let me know what I should do next. Thank you again
  6. I have read around other threads, and I would like to go through with it. Is my particular case more likely to succeed, since it is for a smaller amount of money (£40)? I took from one of your posts that the lower the amount of compensation being demanded by the claimant, the lower the chances are that Hermes will escalate it to court. Please correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks
  7. I appreciate the fast responses. I used an app called Depop to sell the item. I will have a look in the next few days at more threads to expand on my knowledge. I thought I should mention, I did get quite desperate at one point and wrote an email to them saying that if they do not give me the full refund I am willing to take this further to a small claims court. Does saying that reduce my credibility at all? It was just an attempt to increase my chances of getting the full refund. I definitely want to go through with it, I will do anything it takes. Thanks again
  8. Hello, I sold an item, which I chose to post with Hermes on 09.09.2020. Unfortunately, I did not purchase insurance for the package. The package was worth a total of £70, not including the £3 delivery fee. On the 18th of September I submitted a lost claims form. I finally received a response a few days ago, saying I will receive a refund at the 'maximum value of £20', alongside the cost of postage. However before I even had the chance to respond, I received a refund into my account today. Does this remove my right to claim back the £73 I am owed? I clearly asked many times for the full refund, and told them I don't want £20. I have mostly contacted them over the phone apart from two small emails, so there is not much to attach. I have not contacted them since. Please could you advise me on what would be the best course of action? Thanks
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