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  1. If you were to send them an LBA with 'estimated' charges on your account, would they send you the data does anyone know? I am hoping that I would be able to do this, and they would hopefully come back with the information to prove me wrong....
  2. Noithing as yet MissP - They have about 10 more days to comply.
  3. Glad to have you onboard, I am sure you will be an assett
  4. Right, I called Creation who do manage the Duet card. I have now got my account number and their address: Creation Financial Services Equipoint Coventry Road Yardley Birmingham B25 8FE Time to send them a letter to get my statements
  5. I used to have a Duet storecard, but no longer have any statements to get my account number in order to request my old statements. Their website is offline: www.duet.co.uk does anyone have a contact number for them..?
  6. Firstly, what a great site! In my less sensible days, I must of been charged lots and lots by my cc/banks. Many of these are probably several years old. I was wondering how long back you can go with this? Also, does this apply to storecards? Thanks for reading and hopefully, down the line, I can help others.
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