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  1. Hey dx100uk, Thanks a lot for the advice, you calmed down. Just one more thing, they didn't asked for my address but they ask for my ID, and I only had my university ID. Is there any chance for them to contact my uni?
  2. Hi, I was caught shoplifting in Sainsbury's. (I already know what I did was bad an a stupid decision, and all of you can be sure it won't happen again as I fell very shameful about it) I already read many forums here in reference to this topic, so I feel relieved as they didn't called the police, the item I took was worth 2£ and I paid for it after I left. They just gave me a written letter saying that I'm banned for all Sainsbury. And that's where my main question goes, can I be recognised in a different Saintsbury. I mean the Sainsbury wh
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