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  1. Out of interested would I have a case after 30days?
  2. I have used before and I understand the risks of paying late. Just wanted to know if having this credit altered anything?
  3. BNPL is buy now pay later , an interest free credit( assuming you pay within time). I will come back after, with update and links . Thanks
  4. Ok thanks for the clear and concise information. I will call them when the line are open and report back. Many thanks
  5. Thought recordings were useless without consent? Anyway thanks I'll try just they have some clauses to do with open returns and have read they are difficult. Just want to be prepared before call.
  6. Hi, I recently purchased a TV from Very with a bnpl. I have had the tv about 3 weeks and used it but have discovered it does not have the features advertised. Vrr is something I specifically purchased it for but have had confirmation that it does not have this feature. It clearly states it has this feature but it does not. I have heard Very is Very difficult to deal with. I would like to know what my options are before I start a dialogue with them. Any help would be great. Thanks
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