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  1. Morning guys, I don't have the original letters any more. It was nearly a year ago and every thing I read online made me assume they would just go away. Will this be a problem?
  2. Thanks for quick reply. PE are saying I parked without paying at my local hospital. Although it was a family member and not me as I loaned the car to her. My Aunty works at the hospital and I'm assuming she gets free parking in her own vehicle but obviously she used my car that day and I was the registered keeper so the letters came to me. If I explain the situation will it be dropped or will they persue my relative? If its the latter I would rather just pay as I dont want any one chasing her up.
  3. Hi guys, I have been getting letters over the last year from Parking Eye & Debt Recovery Plus that I have just ignored. I have recently received one from CST LAW titled 'letter before claim' saying I owe £185. Are these just another mob I can ignore or should I be paying? I wasn't even driving the car that got the ticket I had loaned it to a family member who works at the hospital. Thanks in advance for any help :)
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