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  1. Just for the record as I know this question has been posed. What about a Class Action?
  2. Thank you again for sound advice. The simple truth is that people do not know where to go Full Stop! Hermes run a total procrastination, ignoring and negative response system. There are numerous groups set up by unknowing people simply because they were frustrated. Many of these groups are infested with Hermoid trolls and/or are badly managed. The whole point of my group, petition and videos is to educate the public. Help and advice is given from members where and when they can. Certainly CAG will be a new string to the bow. Thanks again
  3. Thank you for your prompt responses. I see I am preaching to the converted I am admin on my own group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyHermesComplaints/ and joint admin on https://www.facebook.com/groups/238503390830639/. Thanks for the advice I will post up a link to here for members can you please advise the best link to use. Thanks again
  4. I need help with a name that you are familiar with please. I am an admin for 2 groups dealing with the misery created by Hermes and their “self employed” drivers. Over a period exceeding 6 months I have been told things on a level of immorality and criminality not easy to explain briefly. I want to take my campaign against this company to a higher level notably the criminal courts via the Police and DPP. So humbly ask your advice on how to. Briefly; Hermes advertise and promote a courier delivery service for which they charge along with offered extra insurance. They constantly fail to provide this service as charged and insurance upon investigation provides cover for nothing except fresh air. Surely fraud on both counts. Additionally Hermes proclaim and deny any liability once the parcels and handed over to the drivers claiming they have met their obligation. The self employed drivers are not obliged to get signatures for deliveries and frequently countless times steal parcels a matter well documented and proven. Drivers as “self employed” can pick and choose who they do and don’t deliver to. Hermes don’t care, their obligation is filled at handover they claim. The drivers care even less and might return to sender or simply help themselves to parcel contents. These are just tip of the iceberg references involving contents values totalling tens of thousands of pounds. Theft on an industrial organised, serious crime, scale. Not forgetting insurance fraud and a tacit accomplice to multiple thefts. How do I go about presenting a case to get the Police involved and /or DPP. Many victims do contact the Police but the Police show little interest. Thank you.
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