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  1. the DSAR requesto hitachi didt show anything at all about my account with them, should it? i thought they should have returned all their data about me?
  2. the cifas report says: Misuse of factoring, false invoicing for finance, first party fraud
  3. hi, yes i have followed that so far. Hitachi have replied saying a very vague response and they uphold their decision. however it doesnt say "final response". At my last correspondence with hitachi they said that had spoken to cifas and i just need to send their initial response and the email trail. Im not sure what i am up against if hitachi don't show me their side of their investigation.
  4. hi, yes all they sent me back was the original agreement documents from over 10 years ago. I was expected full details about the cifas investigation but they have sent nothing
  5. the credits note were issued after but Hitachi still closed down the account, didnt answer any of my calls and passed the outstanding amounts onto debt collection. The majority of the amount were paid by the invoices left on the account and the rest paid be myself. My customer would only pay hitachi any money they owe me first, until advised by hitachi that invoices could be paid to me. any help would be much appreciated im at a loose end here. Hitachi wont send me any details of the investigation that "had done" in order to create the marker on Cifas
  6. hi, im a partner in an LLP but they put the marker onto me personally. They said i was uploading invoices that were missed used to gain finance. However the invoices were correct at the time but the customer a county council requested credits against some of them afterwards. I explained to HI why but they eventually closed the account and then applied the marker. I have asked for a full disclosure from them but all they did was send me the original application forms. I asked for a copy of the investigation they did against me to apply the marker but the have refused. I dont think they did the investigation and the marker was applied in retaliation. any help greatly appreciated, thanks
  7. hi, they have said that it was misuse of facility and that could leave them open to losses due to unpaid invoices that i had factored to them
  8. hi, ive had a cifas marker placed against me via Hitachi capital. Ive read most of the posts on here about the various routes to go down but im after some help. i have got the DSAR from Cifas and a vague final response from hitachi. Any help greatly appreciated to get the ball rolling. i wil keep this first post vague to ensure we move to correct area of the site, thanks, BYB
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