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  1. I have called the finance company and have been informed the best course of action is to go into store and speak to the manager, like you suggested. I will be doing that and taking the letter in store with me. The finance company said they would cancel however that would not stop the order and it is likely SCS would become very negative/aggressive towards us as customers, trying to make us pay it ourselves, so they did not cancel the finance. He did say however that what the salesperson has done is illegal and if I wish to do so I could call 101 and ask for legal advice, however I would
  2. Thank you so much, I have just emailed asking for a SAR. I will call the finance company now! I will use you guidance to write the letters once I finish on the phone. You have been so much help and have put my mind at ease, the past 5 days have been so stressful so thank you so much for that! I had no idea what to do before this!
  3. yes I will do that now, sorry if I am not the most educated of people in this matter. I have only ever had a contract phone and internet bills come out of my account, so do not know much about finance and cancellation of products. For the SAR, do I email it to ScS customer service? and request all information from them. Also I will be ringing the finance company as soon as i send this email, it is very stressful and I just want it to be resolved. I do not fair well under pressure. once again thank you
  4. Thank you so much for the advice, I will do as you suggest. I have sent an email to the customer service department, and the last time we spoke to an advisor we explained we were worried and running out of time, but she said they can see through the call logs we have attempted to make contact and it is the stores fault for not getting back to us. However I fully agree with your comment about them blocking the number as we were only able to get through to someone by calling from a different phone, ridiculous how they can treat people like this. I will be writing some letters ASAP. As the
  5. Thank you for the quick reply I appreciate it! we placed the order in store on the 4/10/2020, we then tried to call and cancel that same day, and again the following day, the office we kept getting through to said they could only leave a message for the Birstall store to call us back. But we missed the call back on the 5/10/2020, (says incoming call only lasted 2s, so they didn't call very long), and since then each time my mother has called they have said they will try put us through to that store and then the call is simple cut off.
  6. Hi All, I visited SCS on Sunday 4th Oct with my mother, we just wanted to look around and get an idea of the sofa she would like in her living room. Shortly after entering a sales rep approached us and recommended some sofas which would be good for my mothers back, i told him we were just looking and didn't want to commit to anything that day. We also made him aware we would need it by November or before Christmas at the latest as my mother is expecting her first grandchild in November, which is why she is wanting to redecorate the room. The rep then went on to the topi
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