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  1. Hi MITM, Thanks for your concise advice so far. Looking at the SJPN there is a section for 'I am pleading Not Guilty because:' If I put in there - 'I will plead guilty for speeding (and only providing) the S172 charge is dropped. In addition based on the fact that it was 60 in 50 variable speed limit and I would have been eligable for a fixed penatly of £100 and 3 points, Is it possible that the courts would consider that I be sentanced at the fixed penalty level?' Isnt this kind of me admiting that I am guilty even though I had said not guilty earlier in my response,
  2. Hi Dx, Wow did not know that, as i found out would rather have them redirected than the junk mail! Thanks
  3. Hi Man in the Middle, Today I received the SD and SJPN today via an email and this is the steps they told me that I need to complete. You must complete the attached statutory declaration form make sure you add to the form the date you first knew about the conviction how you first knew about the conviction your name your contact telephone number the date you completed the form indicate your plea to each offence in writing. You can do this on the Single Justice Procedure Notice.
  4. Hi All, After some advice. I received notification of an Attachment of earnings order at the beginning of September. It turned out it was for a speeding fine from August 2019, I did not received the paperwork. I had moved house, had a redirect in place, but had not changed the logbook at the point of the fine (I know my fault), but would have expected the royal mail redirect to work as it had for other mail that was redirected to me. I paid the fine immediately and raised a statutory declaration, I received that today and am in the pro
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