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  1. Thank you. Forgot to say they also sent me this email on the 27th March saying that they wouldn't be collecting fees during the time they are closed.... So me cancelling my membership on the 19th and them closing on the 23rd march.... My direct debit would have gone out on 2nd April so would not have been collected anyway! I'm fuming... They can't treat people like this!
  2. Hi, I've also had an email from them today saying I owe £147. My membership was expiring mid April this year. On the 19th May I emailed banantynes to cancel my membership with immediate effect due to not being at work... I had an email reply to say I could freeze the account for £10 per month during Lockdown. I replied to say that feeding my 3 children was more important and I cancelled my direct debit. I've had 2 more emails from banantynes requesting payment, and the total has now gone up to £147... Each time they've contacted me I've said I've already cancelled. Now given the fact I've not been able to use the gym since mid March and my contract ended during early Lockdown you would assume they wouldn't harass me. I've been in tears today
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