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  1. Thankfully no. However my company struggled and I cancelled (knowing that it took 3 months) on the off chance. My concern is I will get negative marks against my financial status if I don't pay
  2. Roko - This is the line they are quoting - clause 6.2: In all cases payment for the notice period is due and will continue you to be made on the same basis as agreed hereunder. https://www.roko.co.uk/membership-terms
  3. Hi, I resigned from a Gym before Covid and they were forced to close. I had to give 3 months notice. The first month was fine as they were still open. The last 2 they closed and as a consequence didn't take any money. However I couldn't use the Gym. I had an email (Pre Covid) confirming my end date. they now say that my cancellation was halted during covid and I have to pay for the 2 months since they opened. is that right? Thanks
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