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  1. They maybe one of the best around but surely with the rubber/ plastic heating pipes inside that block easily on this style fitted by asg .... and Viessman apparently saying not to power flush this model ... im not sure
  2. Hi all thanks for the add . Just wanted to share my story of asg 5 years in . In 2015 we were sold a fantastic boiler that has 98.7 % efficiency ....that was until they fitted it and never carried out a power flush ( I know this as my downstairs rads wernt connected back to the upstairs till 2pm and they left completed job at 5pm ) unfortunately then I didn't know then how a powerflush worked . Few months ago was having the usual issues f2 and had the letter about the powerflush . so I rang up asg to tell them the issue and here is where it gets interesting for me told them I was ge
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