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  1. Thank you very much for the response @dx100uk Yes, they said that it was the standard rate for my flat. I live in a flat that's part of a building with 3 other flats (old house converted). I said to them I couldn't understand how it can be remotely that high and they just kept saying that is what the rate was. They are chasing me - Text messages, a recent debt collection letter, then them again. What they've done is roll the entire bill into one so the old £1000+ bill is merged with the meter bills so they pursue me for the overall substantial debt. I just pay the m
  2. Hello. Hoping someone could help me with this as I am not sure how best to proceed. Got into a bit of a mess with Welsh Water some years ago (starting around 2012). I'd not long moved into a new flat and fell ill, lost my job and hadn't paid them for around a year after - My fault, but other bills took priority at the time. When I got back on my feet I decided to tackle the bill. Called them and they were asking for about £1200 (for me on my own in a small flat). Naturally I felt it very high but they told me that is what the tariff rate was and I wanted
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