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  1. Wow thanks I will do thanks for your help I’ll let you know how it goes
  2. Hi Slick 123 I spoke to someone at the gym then cancelled the direct debit. I must admit I cancelled my dd before 30 days so at the most I owe them £19.99 but nothing to what they are saying as well as 2 more payments to November
  3. I signed up to my local 1Life gym last year but cancelled it in February luckily before all this covid started well so I thought today out of the blue I get a text from a company called DFC with 2 missed payments of the gym and a late fee well of course I wasn’t impressed emailed the gym as could not get through they responded 1 min before they closed saying I signed up to 12 months I could have not cancelled but when I signed up on the phone the guy assured me it was a rolling month contract I could cancel any time else I would have not taken it out I have not paid it and sent 2 emails one back to DFC and one to the gym telling them all this and that it’s obviously a admin issue your side and to get this sorted ASAP else I’ll be taking it further what else can I do should I be worried I never received a contract anyway?
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