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  1. Not that I can see. Looks like it can only be a telephone hearing. 125B2E90-57AB-4E57-8891-4B4C42C06D1A.pdf
  2. Got a telephone hearing date on the 14 of February. Not sure how my niece will be able to defend herself on a telephone call. Would rather it have been in person.
  3. Oh yes I've checked and it all appears fine. I've made very minor changes and certainly nothing prejudice or law based. I just changed the date of the phone call transcript to Apple as I initially got the date muddled up. I aim to send all documents via email to the court tomorrow evening and send the letters in the post on Wednesday. My niece has signed all the correspondence so it's just a case of making sure everything is sent correctly.
  4. The covering letter to the court? I've not sent anything yet as I was going to check what court it was first although I do think it is Liverpool County Court.
  5. Do I address my correspondence to the ‘Liverpool County Court’ or ‘In the County Court Business Centre Online Civil Money Claims’? Sorry if it's a daft question but I don't have a clue. My original application was the Business Centre but SCS Law state on their letter it's been transferred to Liverpool County Court.
  6. I think this looks really good thank you. I'm going to double check dates etc with my niece when she's finished University later and aim to get it sent off at the very latest tomorrow. I shall let you know when I've done this.
  7. Hi. Sorry for delay getting the phone transcript. It was actually my niece who spoke to the Apple Complaints Team in Ireland when the refund was promised. 28 April 2021 Danny - there is two things is this the charge for the customs and the charge for repair. For the customs charge we will get this refunded to you no problem. You shouldn’t have to pay those charges. For the repair it is a little bit different. The unit was diagnosed with accidental damage which unfortunately does carry the out of warranty cost but due to the delay and everything that went on regarding that delivery I am looking for an exception in this instance and refund you the cost of repair. Now these requests can take a little bit of time to complete but it won’t be too long and I should hopefully have an exception case by the end of the week for you to get you refunded for everything. Again normally out of warranty repairs wouldn’t be refunded but again but in this instance after everything that has happened I will be seeking to make that exception for you. Everything that you have paid I will be looking for you to have refunded. Dave (uncle of claimant) Hi Dan it’s Dave here. That sounds ok so far you’ve promised the import but not the Apple thing that’s the only thing and we’ve got to wait until the end of the week now? Apple - I am promising on that Dave due to the fact everything that has happened and the delay. I need to get the exception for the refund but based on everything provided that will go through but I will have the answer for you on Friday how long this refund process will take.
  8. The recordings are on my brothers phone (my niece didn’t like making the calls herself) so she got one of us to speak on her behalf. I’ve asked my brother to send them through now so hopefully I’ll have the details soon. I do know the refund they offered was the so called repair fee and the customs fee - no they never asked for return of MacBook. MacBook all working fine now - no evidence of a new screen though so not sure what they’ve done to get it working. Looking at the Apple Forums and the website though lots of people are having similar issues with the screen but Apple refusing to admit fault. She’s studying Forensic Science and got loads of exams coming up - so I’m the idiot she’s trusting to help her.
  9. The Irish Complaints Team would mostly only contact us by telephone and it was via a phone call that they offered to refund (this is on a call recording but not within the documentation attached). It was also advised via a telephone call that it was due to the screen being cracked (so again this is not in the paperwork attached). There were literally loads of telephone calls. The Irish Complaints Team were careful not to send correspondence via email as they probably were aware it could be used as evidence. We have lots of their telephone calls recorded.
  10. That’s correct the Complaints Team who we were dealing with it in Ireland said they would refund the repair and customs fee then changed their mind. It was the strangest complaints team I’ve ever dealt with. We tried to resolve this with the Complaints Team in Ireland but in the end that hit a dead end. We do have a phone recording of them agreeing to refund the costs but it’s not on my phone so I can’t upload this just yet. The issue we now have is that we’ve already lost the initial court fee and the bailiff fee and I don’t think we could request these to be reimburse if then mistake of ‘Apple’ was put on the Claim Form. Really not sure if we have a chance of winning either.
  11. Hi I've spent all day scanning the documents and have used a PDF Reducer - this has greatly reduced the image quality attached. However, to keep everything on one PDF document this is the best I can do. I understand you are trying to help and I am very grateful - but I can't get the quality any better as it is a big document and this site only allows a maximum of 4.88 MB, meaning I had to choose the biggest quality reduction to fit it on this site. I will attach the transcript of the Live Chat separately where Apple confirm the Head Office address. I am thinking of getting a solicitor involved to fight this case for my niece - do you think she has a chance? Thanks Full Apple Case_compressed (1).pdf
  12. Hi. I'll upload it all in one PDF later. I tried uploading the documents in better quality yesterday but it said the file was too big so I had to compress it to the poorest quality to be allowed to send it. Also, the claim form of my niece was downloaded directly from the Court website. Will see if there is another one on there but pretty sure this is the correct one sent. The claim form the solicitors have submitted was sent in the post in that poor quality so even scanning it on a printer the quality will still be bad. I'll try to make sure everything is in order. I do have the Live Chat transcript and the photos but will send these with other documents later. Thanks
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