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  1. Sure. I don't get penalised if some things don't get approved, (loss of earnings is tricky cos I'm freelance and the rental is literally just me making a bank transfer), do I? They just don't have to pay those costs? What do I do about things in Spanish? Do I provide a translation or they just want the original documents? Thanks
  2. Hello again, So I sent the e-mail asking if they were a member of ADR a week ago. They haven't responded. Do I have to pursue this with a deadline for them to respond, or shall I go straight to a Letter Before Claim? Obviously I'll be claiming for the storage fees - should I attempt to recoup the: Shipping fee (since they didn't actually manage to get it delivered) Insurance/parcel protection fee (as above) Laptop rental costs (since I have to use one for my job and didn't have one for months) Loss of earnings (for when I had no laptop at all)
  3. Yeah, sorry. But your recommendation is that I pay, and then take them to court (only a recommendation, not gonna hold you against it!)?
  4. Ok, thanks a lot. There's no way it will get delivered this weekend, but possibly this Tuesday. The cost will get cut off then. So, if I'm ready to pay to get it to delivered to me, what can I take them for? Ta
  5. Yes, I use my uncle's address for my banks, business etc. I estimate about £200. My only fear with coughing up was that P2G might say that the contract has been completed, happy days. Does me paying not look like I'm admitting I'm responsible for incurring those costs? And does it not mark the contract as complete? When in fact I've done their job for them. I just feel like once I have the laptop they might just be able to wash their hands of me, and then I'm totally out of pocket. £200 fees, £80 delivery, 3 months on a £250 item.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me! You've automatically failed your job application for P2G. Yes, it's a £250 laptop that I've needed for my work so that's been an additional kick to the wallet, but I doubt claiming losses of earnings would amount to anything. It wasn't waiting to be collected, but to be delivered. They didn't tell me this. All I could see on the tracking was that it was in the depot every day. So I was just contacting P2G live chat asking what was going on. Obviously I knew I would have to pay customs at some point, but P2G never mentioned anyt
  7. Hi all, Hoping you can give me some advice on the below. I'll try to keep it as concise as possible. At the end of June I booked a parcel (valued at £250) to be delivered from the UK to where I am now (South America). I booked online via Parcel2Go, booking the FedEx express service (1-3 days, although being fully aware due to our virusy friend that it was likely to be significantly delayed). I also paid for the ParcelProtection insurance. Having recently received a letter that took 6 weeks to arrive from the UK, I didn't think much of it when the parcel
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