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  1. Yes sorry, I’m at work for the rest of the day now. I do have pictures of what I received yes.
  2. AH ha! I get you! Sorry, really stupid of me. It was an RTX 2070 Super FTW3+ that I ordered. The one that was 'incorrect' was literally a different item in the box. A DVD drive wedged in and an ASUS card of some sort. I did say this on the chat to the first person (which I have just made a full image of the whole chat i've had from the beginning to end), and also saved as a text file. Shame the Amazon chat doesn't include dates.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean with giving the reference numbers of the GPUs? My own personal Amazon order number for each one? The actual product ON amazon? When I say they're the 'same thing', I mean I ordered the GPU on the 7th, which turned out to be the incorrect item. That got returned. The REPLACEMENT GPU which came, looked correct (but never opened), got returned also. Sorry if i'm seeming absolutely thick. I do realise SAR isn't so complicated, just reading through it all and understanding is all.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes it does look confusing, especially without the formatting I did which has all been lost and I can't edit it back in (no chance to edit the post?) I thought I made it quite straight forward. The 'Item#1' and 'Item#2' are simply because they're the same thing, a GraphicsCard(GPU) that was purchased. Item#2 supposedly was received as I got a message on the message centre saying so and the refund will be processed in 5-7 days. So Basically after the 19th of August Item#2 becomes sort of irrelevant. Most of it is about the first one I r
  5. It appears all formatting has been lost in the post?? And I can't edit it at all to get it back, or make it easier to read. So not sure what has happened there.
  6. Good Evening, I am looking for advice on where to turn next, as I have been trying for a few weeks to get a refund from Amazon, who are not actioning my request. I don't know where to turn now, I was thinking of going to my Credit Card issuer and trying the Section75 route, but i'm not sure if that is applicable in my case? Or if there is something else I should try first. Below is the issue; August 7th - I purchased an item (Item#1) - Expensive £634 August 10th - Item arrives. Inside the box (of the 'right' item) was NOT the correct
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