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  1. In desparation I wrote down (pen and paper fashion) all details from all sources about my package. Only then did I see the tracking # discrepancy - last four digits were different. Lesson learned. Don't presume ebay/Hermes/Packlink systems communicate seamlessly. From now on I will make a note on the Parcelshop receipt of the tracking/barcode # as shown on the printed address label affixed to my parcels and double check back to ebay/Hermes/Packlink websites. In defense of both Hermes and Packlink they could only investigate the tracking # that I supplied. That number came from ebay. That # was incorrect.
  2. Sorted, I hope. Tracking # on ebay website did not match Tracking/Barcode # on in-store printed address label. Parcel now reflecting within the system. Holding thumbs ;-)
  3. Contents: 12 Alum. tent poles. Packing: Cardboard tube. 8 x 8 x 44cm, 508g. Value: Sold on ebay for £31.90 inc. P&P Shipping label purchased via ebay/Paypal. Address label printed in store. Hermes fee paid: £3.84 which included insurance and signature. Handed to Parcelshop, Ludlow at 16:40 on Sun. 27th Sept. Hermes pass the buck to Packlink. Packlink say nothing on our systems. Despite issuing the Hermes receipt (the only proof I have of handing in) Parcelshop say nothing to do with us / not our problem! Addressee is being patient . . for now.
  4. My local Parcelshop accepted my parcel and issued a Hermes branded receipt. Parcel has gone missing prior to scanning by Hermes driver. That can only mean theft by Parcelshop staff, the Hermes driver or persons unknown. Both Hermes and Packlink deny responsibility since the item doesn't reflect as having been collected on their systems but Hermes tracking system states 'we've got it'. Parcelshop denies all liability. Whom do I pursue? Do I report alleged theft to the police to formalise matters? Regards, Jan
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