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  1. Thank you. At this point I'm not sure how right or wrong I am. But based on our conversation this evening I have gone back to the breeder via message and pointed out to them that I offer them one final chance to settle at 900 pounds. They informed me their vets only said this treatment would cost 500. The same vets who don't notice a puppy who cant open his eyes. And they are willing to settle at 500 as a gesture of good will. Ha! And this is why they wanted to mediate to put this offer over. I advised that we wouldn't take less than 900 as a settlement.
  2. I have to email over all evidence to the court. No one has mentioned court bundles? Breeder opted for mediation. I did not
  3. Yes 100 percent the hearing is via video link on the 6th of october.
  4. with regards to costs being different they are correct. All together we originally paid vets 1400 pounds they then refunded us after we challenged some of the costs and they refunded us part. Hence only claiming for the 800. We had one photo with the puppys eyes open but whose to say it was even him and that's irrelevant as the state of him when we got him home wasn't the same state as any previous photos. I contacted swansea council and they told me that they hadn't said that to them and quoted to me what they actually had said via email. Af
  5. I have answered this above. I read it online i have also said the breeders gave replied.
  6. It was via text message not phone call so I have it in black and white from their number. The hearing is on the 6th of October via video link. I will send the claim forms on here now.
  7. 30th of august picked puppy up 30th of august puppy admitted to vetinary hospital. Kept in contact with breeder and mebtioned immediately they will need to cover costs of vet bills. Breeder stated they couldn't afford it I reminded them they had just made £4500 from selling puppies. Puppy came home 1st of September I contacted breeder with full costs at that point. Breeder phoned vets that day and contacted us and said they won't be paying so for us to proceed with legal action. This was all by text. I am not harassin
  8. Hi, No the puppy is not dead but from what I understood as the puppy was not fit for sale I had rights to ask for reimbursement of the puppy and the vetinary bills. I have had a reply from breeders they dispute all claims as their vets on the 26th said there was no issues. I spoke with their vets and they said there is no notes what so ever regarding their eyes. Yes I've got full details from vets. But am ringing them today to ask for another letter stating their professional opinions on length of time puppy has suffered for. I sent a messa
  9. hi, Just asking for some experience or knowledge. I purchased a puppy on the 30th of august. On numerous occasions I was in contact with breeder and asked if the puppy showed signs of entropion. I was told no. On the 26th of August puppy had first jabs. And apparently their vets said none of the litter showed sign of entropion. On collection of puppy I noticed he was covered in green mucus. The pen had dog muck spread in there so assumed it was just from pups playing and maybe getting it in each others eyes (poor hygi
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