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  1. Hi no I can't find any boss of the hospital contact details I've only contacted the pals complaints and they said they could try chase it up. I'm guessing that they are not easy to find or contact! I have just received another letter from zzps titled "Notice of intended legal collections £170 debt unpaid" And threats of credit damage etc. Is this one still an ignore, I'm guessing so.
  2. Hey peeps just to update you all on this, hope you are all gearing up for christmas and have a great one. We have received a debt collection letter from ZZPS Limited wanting £170 unpaid debt. So this is an ignore. Let me know if you want me to post it up here or if you need to see it.
  3. My bad its just automatic to call it a fine, I'm not validating it by doing so I'm not up to speed on all the jargon. The "invoice". So the only place to email was pals, which I did email as you said, they said they couldn't help and then called me to say sorry but i could still complain even though they don't own the parking spaces. They then put me onto hospital parking because I asked was she sure, who I spoke to and they said they have nothing to do with city permits ltd they don't use them to collect. So it was a bit of a dead end for me. I'm not sure what more I could do there when hospital parking say they don't know or use city limits. I'm not sure what more I can do, they stated they don't use city permits to collect for them in hospital parking I cant get hold of anyone else to email like the director of the hospital or such. But maybe complaining to PALS again will do something if you say they do own the land. The algernon firth building is a privately owned building which is rented out to students though, its definitely not a hospital building but if you say the road is the hospitals how do I go about finding this out. Can i contact the council or something. You have to appreciate you are all helpful here but some of us (me) are clueless. Ive looked for ages in your forums and others and can find nothing new about people fighting this company recently since they are BPA only pre that when they were not BPA. Ive seen posts where people have been taken to court for the fine, and expenses and legal fees of £200 but no outcome because the thread is dead after that. I literally cant find any threads where people have been taken to court for £200 and see the outcome. So you can understand why im nervous I hope. I really appreciate the help you give but have a bit of patience too, its not easy when you are the target of these and you must understand there doesnt seem to be much out there the self help aspect is a minefield. There dont seem to be many cases like this one. Im thinking if you think the parking is hospital owned, or the land is hospital owned then this company cant try and claim for the hospital as you have said before. Thanks again for your replies, dont get too frustrated with me lol.
  4. Guys why is it a problem to complain to the company, what protections do we lose? I thought the freedoms act is actually for them so they can fine the keeper rather than have to find out the driver? Could you not write a complaint without naming who the driver is? Also is it going to be worth complaining to the Hospital PALS? I have spoken to a nice lady there who said she would take up a complaint for me, however the land is private land for the student accommodation in front of the hospital so not covered by them. Unsure how much help complaining to the hospital would be unless they can pressure the company? Thanks again.
  5. I can't get back to the site to take photos. Will have to either rely on Google maps or find someone who lives near If I can manage that.... too far for me to go at the moment I'm working.
  6. Hi all so latest update phoned the pals and parking there is nothing to do with them it's a student accommodation privately owned algernon firth. They have said however if I want to complain to them at the hospital they will take it on as it's near one of their entrances however not sure what they can do. But I think it's worth complaining how it is a disabled space near the hospital entrance.
  7. dx100 we didnt appeal to the hospital, Im pretty certain the hospital has nothing to do with the parking. It looks to me like its parking for the student accommodation behind it, the argernon firth building. its going to be completely separate to the hospital, kind of annoying how they have painted a blue disabled badge on the floor, it feels to me like its entrapment and this is what has caused them to park there. I Feel if i write to popla and complain this and explain the illness and hospital visit popla might override it. Supposedly they have a 50% cancellation of tickets through complaints, and one of the mitigating circumstances for parking is illness or hospital visits. I dont see what issues this would cause to complain other than you are accepting the car was parked there, which the parking company already has proof of if they have cameras which it seems from the signage. There is no way my father would want to go to court and if that's a possibility and I'm unable to represent him that's a none starter. Which is what's swaying me to popla. Also ive read BPA members should put the discount offer on their NTK which they haven't done, this feels to me another complaint i can put to poplar that this company isn't doing right if you check the letter they sent me.
  8. Hi guys ive been doing some more research on your site and I can see good arguments come from the signs not being situated correctly etc. In this case I have looked on the street in google and there is a sign on the fence or wall in every parking bay. https://www.google.com/maps/@53.8017918,-1.5530064,3a,75y,301.44h,80.58t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sR-pXo2XdBIiRzPmnMW9c-Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 If you click that link it takes you to the start of the street and then you can see the bay that my fathers car was parked in bay 5 on the left, which is a disabled marked place. It would be cool if you could take a look over this and see how it looks. It looks like they have cameras if you zoom on the signs on the wall, so could potentially ID drivers or show the time of parking and they do mention £100 fine for parking there. Im not sure what our argument would be if this went to court, also my dad would be in no condition to argue in court as he is very ill health and has heart problems so obv not good stress. Could I represent him? Is it worth contacting them to tell them the situation or complaining to them and then POPLA. I dont feel like i have a strong argument for this beyond i dont want to pay and im not sure thats going to hold up in court. These guys look like they have the signs etc covered well, though they are small text. Is it worth trying to contact someone nearby to take photos of the signs for you to take a look at? Sorry to be bugging everyone but ive been looking through the defence posts here and most people have an argument I dont feel I have. I also feel like these guys are not going to give up at all. The only argument i feel is that he has parked on a blue disabled spot thinking its a disabled spot. The signs for this not being so are in a different place to the parking spot by the looks of it (they seem to be near the initial bays). Ps I have been looking and there are also excuses for mitigating circumstances as dropping of a sick person at hospital but shouldnt i be writing to the company or popla. I feel ignroing them wont be looked upon good in court if it gets there. Also is there a harm in writing as a third party to explain this to them but not telling them the driver etc. Thanks again, also it says on multiple sites that the NTK should have mention of the discount on it which this copy i put on the PDF definately doesnt have. So this is a breech no?
  9. Thanks I appreciate your replies and time!! I will try to chill lol. I have been reading up on the Protection of freedoms act 2012 and it states (g)inform the keeper of any discount offered for prompt payment and the arrangements for the resolution of disputes or complaints that are available; They haven't offered discount this second time so isn't that a breach of what they should be doing? Or do they not have to offer it on the NTK as it seems to me they should. Should I not look at contesting this through them and then POPLA? Would that be a good or bad idea guys? It does say if you appeal to POPLA and are rejected you lose the right to pay the lower amount (which they seem to have already taken away anyway... Hope you are all staying well.
  10. Hi all. Thanks so much for your help and speedy replies. I have looked around however it's all much too complex for me and I'm already stressed out (as I bet most of you are) with covid as I'm a key worker and working all through this. Sites I have found have said you can claim solicitor costs if the judge decided. It doesn't specify any max they can ask for other things. I've also experienced small claims and they were horrendous with the judge saying to me "you don't get anything for nothing" and ruling against me when someone had done a mock up business card and not mentioned charges. (The guy had a poster on the wall inside stating charges and had not mentioned them). So you can see how I'm nervous about it all. Worst case if it went to small claims and they used a solicitor and won could it be £200 or so? I just feel super worried about the whole thing and dont understand any rights. But sorry for being a stress head it's not a great time and my dad's health isn't great.
  11. Date is 4th of November on the NTK dx100uk. I'm most worried about where this can go. I don't want it to amass £500 of costs and then end in court as I don't trust the legal system that much. This is where I'm most worried. I'm also surprised they didn't still offer a discount as far as I know They are meant to. Also they haven't stated how long the car was in their space for. Only the time they found it there I guess.
  12. looks like we will have to pay this now and there is no discount anymore. I thought they were still supposed to offer a discount on the pcn but there is no longer one. I've looked through the threads and I don't know where to start or what to do its all a minefield. Most cases seem to be where people have paid to park and this isn't a pay space. I don't think we really have any argument if this goes to court and dont really want the stress of that.
  13. Hi all sorry ive been away so long, busy at work. I am not able to go there as we dont really live near. The google maps images are all I have. To me it looks like parking on the road, its a road you can drive around to the hospital but beyond that I dont know. I just looked on google maps and there is a sign that says private land before you drive up but its on the wall so impossible to see as you drive in. Image one is showing the left turning to the road . Image 2 shows the sign on the right wall and image 3 is the look up the street where they parked near the end on the left in a disabled spot. Its just outside the hospital entrance and shown in the first set of photos I added. It has a disabled sign on the floor on the spot, which seems strange for private parking. Is it going to be important to get photos of the signs because if so I can try to contact people on the internet who live nearby who might be nice enough to take photos of it. I might be able to do it through facebook or something. I dunno. We have just today received a further letter which i have attached on the second pdf front and back but taken off some important information. Thanks again for all your help on this. parking5.pdf parkfineletter.pdf
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