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  1. Thank you for that advice Will reconsider if mine gets to this stage.
  2. It’s awful and I hope you can get the stat demand thrown out. Please keep me posted.
  3. I hope you weren’t being rude! I think it’s an awful situation you’re in and I may well be in the same one but I am prepared to go into an IVA if it means they won’t get nothing!
  4. Why don’t you look at going into an IVA or something? You can dispute the Stat Demand. If you go into a voluntary agreement then what can they do?
  5. If you google the company it seems a bit odd he’s issuing stat demands
  6. Yes that’s what it states on mine I’m curious as to know about the interest they add if that’s acceptable here
  7. Did the court not send you anything? I would think that’s where any paperwork would have been sent from edited as just seen the paperwork
  8. The only thing they sent me was a police file which is irrelevant. Seems it’s not been processed through the courts though
  9. Definitely worth asking the question. You can also ask for any proof they have that the debt belongs to you. They should have sent you copies of all the paperwork they have for the court case
  10. They don’t purchase debts. J & P told me that when I asked them but apparently due to the contract I signed it stated I could be chased for the debt anywhere in the world
  11. This is a worry I’ve not heard from the DCA chasing me but they will be in touch again. I’m dealing with J & P
  12. The bank filed a police report in 2018. I left Dubai in 2017. Last paid May 2017. This is what J&P have told me through Emirates NBD This is what they sent police.pdf
  13. Also it was a credit card, they filed a police complaint in the amount of 36000aed and now claiming 97000aed They don't have my correct UK address either
  14. I should contact the bank direct? I can pay £20 a month but J & P refused this. what do I do?
  15. @rgaine do you have a sample of what you sent to the bank to have a payment plan put in place please?
  16. I replied to J & P and asked for all the paperwork which they have now sent. The reality is I have no assets and due to COVID 19 no job so not sure what they will do. I have explained this to them but they are saying they want the full amount. I have been looking at other posts on here and it says ignore but as I have nothing then they have nothing to take. They have no property to put a CO against, all I would do is offer a monthly payment but they rejected that so will I have to wait for a CCJ in order to set that up? All by email
  17. I am being chased by Emirates NBD by J & P DCA. I have responded but am not in a position to pay the debt. The original debt was for £6000 now its £19600 Also I have checked out the London Gazette and the same bank have filed bankruptcies against people within the UK
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