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  1. You mean there’s no legal obligation for me to complete it? It threatens being ordered to attend court, prison or a £250 fine. I’m wary of just ignoring it.
  2. The letter(s) I have received is titled: “Order for Production if Statement of Means” N61 and “Form for replying to an Attachment of Earnings Application” N56 Not sure if it makes a difference but there is a date on the N61 - 15th September.
  3. I wonder if this is what they have delivered today - it was the court who delivered it as I spoke with them on the phone. If I didn't accept in person - is it still 'served'?
  4. I just rang NCC - they said the case had been passed to Manchester (this rings true with the person who visited in person earlier). A copy of the CCJ will cost £10 and the Claimform is digitial so can not be 'sent'. I'll try and contact Manchester - maybe chance an e-mail and see if I get lucky.
  5. Thanks DX - I don't have any paperwork/claimsforms, but will contact Northants. I got the case number - and it matches the CCJ on my credit file so should be easy enough for them to locate. If they have/send the claimform do I need the POC still or will it all be on there? Thanks again Ice
  6. Thank you - I'll complete when I collect whatever paperwork they have left.
  7. Many years ago I took out a PDL with Lending Stream. Infact it was over a long period of time - the amount just got bigger and bigger until I just couldn't afford to pay it. Fast forward a few years, I find out I have a CCJ with them. I have moved house a couple of times since - and have never seen anything written from them but I did used to occasionally receive the odd email from them which I ignored. The initial loan amount was less than £1,000 - but I am now being chased for £2,300. Today my parents have someone from Manchester Court appear o
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