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  1. Sorry I haven’t explained much about the lease, moved in 7 years ago on a 3 year lease, signed again for 3 years then the current lease is for 3 years but I gave notice to get out the first year...which is the end of this month Complained of the roof and light circuit problems over 2 years ago, Quick fixes were done as the roof is asbestos and a new light box fitted by LL. The roof just kept leaking through the months and eventually the new light box blew. The lease states repairs to the building is by landlord but lights are down to me...the trouble is the roof was allowing wat
  2. Need some help and advise on a pending court case between me and my commercial landlord. For over 2 years I have complained of leaking roof and water damaged electrics resulting in no internal and external lights...efforts to plug the leaks have not worked, no fix on the lights also. After pressure is put on the landlord to rectify faults he instead looks for breaches of the lease against me resulting in issuing me a section 146 notice. My question is was he in breach of his own lease making the lease void? or am I still accountable for accused breac
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