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  1. Thanks for replying Rogue, I don't have access to a scanner at the minute to do that, (I may be able to get a scan done at some point over the weekend though). Any particular point you're looking for? Cheers
  2. Hi dx, I can ping Experian and ask to double-check, however, looking at the SAR from Ford, it does say on the 5th March 2020, "File passed to L&R - VT Arrears - Nil liable to 50% - Nil Extras - £628.83 Default Amount - Nil Paid - Please send to LINK"
  3. Today i received an email from Experian stating that Link now say the default is accurate. Link's response to Experian is as follows; "The account was originally defaulted by FCE Bank PLC and assigned to Link Financial Limited on 13/03/2020. As this account has been assigned to us with a default date, we are required to continue reporting the original default as informed by FCE Bank PLC. We can confirm that the data reported by Link to the credit reference agencies is in accordance with the information received by FCE Bank PLC when the account was assigned to LInk Financial".
  4. A 2226b eh? You can't beat the old style dials, meters, and knobs! Digital displays are often so boring! I have the SAR now. I suspect they already had a buyer lined up for it. The car was advertised on Manheim (Manchester) auction website. There's a sheet with CAP valuations in Feb for CAP Clean £12,000 & CAP Average £11,350. In the next box down dated 7/2 it says reserve amount £11,600 and bid amount £12,550 Another sheet has my direct debits listed on it until Dec 2019 then numerous different transaction amounts. One of which is 'Sales Proceeds £
  5. Duh! Can't see for looking sometimes! Yes it was on pcp. And yeah, the user name is from the Marantz setup on the other side of the room Along with 1 Cambridge Audio, and 1 Naim. All good gear.
  6. The agreement was for 18,000 miles per annum, I had the car 31 months. Someone has done some handwritten 'calculations' on one of the enclosed sheets, which says "mileage allow = 46,500" "1,500 x 31months". And on another sheet it has "Actual mileage 51,607, Excess: 5107 miles", which could give this figure of 46,500 (as the mileage on collection day was 51,607), but I can't understand where this 46,500 actually comes from, or am I missing something here? So Ford can just come up with spurious charges, put defaults on my credit file, sell on the non-existent debt, and just walk a
  7. Update on this for you: Quick reminder, I wrote to Ford Finance for the SAR, and I also wrote to Link (again) requesting a breakdown of the alleged debt and how it was calculated. I have since had two identical letters from Link at the beginning of October just saying I owe them £628.83, but nothing addressing the alleged debt calculation/explanation whatsoever. At the same time as the above letters, I also contacted Experian to refute the default on my credit record that Link had placed there. Experian have emailed to say they contacted Link and have had no response fr
  8. As far as I recall, it was Ford Finance til they 'assigned' it over to Link in March.. I've posted the SAR earlier this afternoon. Cheers for the input so far, I really do appreciate it. Thank you.
  9. I can't see anything written specifically as a 'defaulted date'. On the first letter from Asset Link it states 'we (Asset Link) hereby give you notice or intimation that effective from 13/03/202 FCE Bank PLC (Ford Credit) assigned to us the benefit of the debt you owe...'. Is this it?
  10. I emailed Ford Finance and followed that up with a written letter stating I was exercising my right to terminate the agreement under Section 99 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and that was it. If debt summary line, is where they have 'Arrears on balance' written, then that is 13/03/2020
  11. Thanks for replying DX. Yes, It was over the 50% No, I didn't use your VT letter The only thing I'm worried about, is the impact on my credit file, which until Link intervened was excellent. What is the 'seby summary line'?
  12. May well be, but they've certainly been shy about stating what the charge is for, and now caused a load of hassle to boot!
  13. The guy who collected it gave me a sheet with all of the boxes on it ticked 'fair', and that was it, away he went. I've heard nothing then, or since about any damage, or anything else for that matter! I've got plenty of photos of the car before it was collected, and I also have screenshots of the entire internet listing when the car was subsequently put on Manheim's auction website.
  14. I've got the Word open doing the SAR now. With regards to Link putting a default on my credit file, am I stuck with that? Should they have put it there without even substantiating that the alleged debt is valid? Thanks.
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