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  1. That was 2019, and they only had PP up until 2018, so since then they could have of course had PP. Do we know what happened with that person after they were threatened with court?
  2. Well I have proof I was in the restaurant? No I didn't take any other photos, but can do.
  3. So I went and took a photo of the sign today, so my arguments so far are; Getting penalised for 4 minutes over when using the restaurant. The sign talks about shopping. I wasn't shopping. Sign.pdf
  4. I am up that way tomorrow, so will take photos of the signs and post them here. Struggled to see if they had planning permission. Did loads of searches, but the council website, is not easy to find things. Thank you so much
  5. If they threaten baliffs as an example, do they send them round? If they threaten court, how likely is it to happen? Appreciate could also ask how long is a piece of string, but the thought of going to court or dealing with that is a bit overwhelming. Will take a look at that thread.
  6. Thank you. My husband thinks I should just pay. I think we have had enough stress this year (various not just Covid), and I think threatening letters, or anything saying about court might tip him over the edge. I am on the nervous side of leaving it, but just feels very unfair.
  7. Thank you. How can I see if they have planning permission for their signs? It is £60 to pay now, rising to £100. I REALLY don't want to pay £100. I am part furloughed so money is tight.
  8. Thank you. Have never had a parking fine. Really annoys me as would prefer to pay for parking after the event rather than risk any fine. I appreciate your response. What should I do now?
  9. Wigmore Shopping Centre, Wigmore Park Centre, Luton LU2 9TA I can't remember if I said I was the driver or not. Probably not in the exact words, but by saying I was at the restaurant, as that was my appeal I guess I did.
  10. Hello. Recently I parked in a private car park attached to a parade of shops/restaurants in Wigmore, Luton, operated by Private Eye. It had signs saying about 2 hours maximum stay. Stupidly, I thought this was to deter people from parking there as there are offices close by, or to deter people from shopping for too long (big Asda over the road). I had a reservation at a restaurant on site. I parked for 2 hours 14 minutes. When I appealed I attached all my restaurant orders. I was with my little girl and a friend. We actually finished up at 2 hours, b
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