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  1. Bankfodder thanks for your help and yes i am about 90 miles from the garage i have requested the advert from autotrader waiting for that back. the dealer is a garage and taxi /minibus firm with a big unit i have taken screen shots of the stock and sales on ebay and cars for sale on autotrader i have a reciept for my purchase signed etc so yes i know 30 days is up but like you said its the enforcing it may be an issue but ill take it up to the highcourt as seen on tv lol
  2. Hey guys came across this site today wow how great is this anyway. here is my story Car found on autotrader £1800 merc mot vgc blah blah and stated had recon / gearbox fitted / spoke to the garage selling the car and asked if they would take my faulty bmw in px it had issues which were explained to the garage he said £900 cash and my car ok deal done i drove to manchester in my car the owner was all chat and praise for the car he was selling and told me how it dropped its oil from the gearbox and how they fitted a new gear box so i thought ok im all good to go deal done drove home its now 3 weeks later and the transmission has failed green flag recovery i tell the garage this morning after looking into my rights and explained the situation the person i spoke was trying to say its was his dads car and tuff luck buddy we aint helping u and telling me about the problems he fixed on my old car rather than help me with the current problem the call ended as was in mid speak when he just hung up on me i text to explain thats no way to treat a customer i have now written the standard letter as i found a template elsewhere giving them 14 days to respond I would like a little help with a follow up letter or my route to action after 14 days as i dont think ill be getting a reply from them regards patrick
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