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  1. Both Packlink & Hermes are playing Silly Buggers !!!!! HERMES: Response By E-mail (Archita Mhatre) (29/09/2020 08.34 AM) Dear FERRYAIR WORLDWIDE, We're getting in touch with you about parcel number ..... I'm so sorry you have not received your parcel and for the delay in responding to your query. We are sorry to inform you that we were unable to locate your parcel in our network. We have investigated this thoroughly to locate the whereabouts of the parcel by contacting the support team, however, were unsuccessful. I do understand your parcel is important to you and you are the sender of the parcel, but this parcel was booked through a reseller (Packlink) and they are the account holder of the parcel. I request you to contact them as they will liaise with us on behalf of you. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. Kind regards, Archita Mhatre Customer Service Advisor Hermes Customer Services ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PACKLINK: Marcelo (Packlink) 23 Sep 2020, 14:20 CEST Hello Peter, I am sorry to hear that, I jus remind you that Packlink does not handle the shippmente and we need to claim according with transport companies procedure. If you change your mind we are able to manage this situation to Insurance dept. Regards Marcelo Customer Support Specialist Packlink ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Kelsey <[email protected]> Tue, 29 Sep, 10:04 (1 day ago) to Packlink Hello Marcelo, Please see below the email response below from Hermes pertaining to my missing parcel, they seem to be passing the buck onto yourselves as to a claim. I have returned the claim form to yourselves & am now requiring this resolved in the next few days. I am still at a loss how a 12in square box can just disappear?? Can you please give this your full attention? Alternatively, give me a telephone number in the UK where I can get my legal team to discuss this with a human being instead of a bot !!! Surely the Packlink / Hermes tracking system must know where it was last tracked to? if need be I will personally go to that depot & get their managers to do a thorough investigation for me. I look forward to hearing from you Sincere Regards
  2. The screenshots aren't really relevant so I will leave them off Hermes advised me that Packlink were my contracted supplier so I should claim through them, Packlink tell me that Hermes were the contractor so I have filled out claims forms for both via Packlink customer (no) care !!! I organised the postage myself via Packlink but parcel was organised by an associate in Hertfordshire.
  3. It was a Hamper box, it contained many 'unknown items' though I do know there wasn't foodstuffs in the box. What was inside is not known because it was a surprise parcel ( that was the whole purpose of the parcel to be a total surprise to the sender & recipient ) As I didn't expect it to go missing I went with standard posting terms
  4. I had a parcel that I needed shipped from Borehamwood WD6 to Edinburgh EH14 that was 12in x 12in x 12in & weighed just shy of 9kg. It was accepted at a Hermes Drop off point on the 9th Sept 2020 on a 48hr DELIVERY on the 10th Sept showed as : On its way....12:59 - Thu 10 Sep...We've got your parcel and we're processing it for you. As of yet ( 1500hrs on 25/09/2020 ) I have still not received my parcel. This parcel was a wedding gift hamper of 'unknown goodies' so pretty important that I had it before 13th September 2020 The value of the parcel was £150.00 I am not best pleased that it was lost by Hermes, as it was a Wedding gift I then felt obliged to give the Bride & Groom the cash to buy whatever they desired as the parcel was delayed. If the parcel was to have later turned up I would have still allowed them to keep both gifts, what annoys me is the lack of clarity that Hermes can offer me, I can't understand how a 12in squared box isn't traceable? ( maybe a member of staff has 'hidden it' for later enjoyment ). any assistance in this matter would be good because between Hermes & Packlink I am hitting 'brick walls' Cheers, Peter
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