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  1. Honestly, no they are not. I've advised them against this several times and even offered to pay for her seeing as she's always struggled(mum of 2) but she's just been comfy with oddly always being skipped at being chased down for paying her gas and electric over the years. What would you suggest?
  2. Hello, So long story short my cousin and best friend has got themselves in to quite a pickle. They moved into a new build about a year ago and have always had "luck" never being charged for gas and electric as somehow in the past 8 years they would always be skipped and never chased up or checked for their electricity despite numerous different places they've lived in. Their luck seems to have run out with scottish power and they're not sure what to do at the moment for a few reasons: All letters are addressed to the occupant and not their actual name They've been
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