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  1. What do u think i should do , as I think am due an apology for what they have put me through, as none of this would of happened if the manager did his job in the beginning and looked at the pictures I tried to show him of the faults , I would not have been arrested any help is greatly appreciated thanks
  2. Hi the tent was only 9 days old when I took it back to get a exchange Am also autistic and dyslexic I've tried my best to explain When I took the tent back it was 9 days old and told the manger that with the item being faulty am entitled to a full refund or exchange, with 28 days if item is faulty but he wouldn't look at the pictures or even offer to get the tent inspected
  3. Hi I got a tent from go outdoors, over £1000 for tent porch carpet and footprint and it was faulty, they exchanged it, it was only 2 weeks old, s I got another tent that to was faulty, I have pictures of the faults, this time they weren't happy to exchange but they did, then I got a vanguard 8 , when we were on holiday the rain was coming through the material of the tent, holes in the stitching and the zip kept breaking, 2 days into our holiday we came home to change the tent and go back and finish our holiday, they refused, this tent was only 9 days old. we left the store phoned head office and they said "go back to store and give them another chance to sort this out!" we did and the manger was worse this time, said to ring head office he didn't want to. I have a proof of a call from head office for 40mins and the manager was implying to head office I was lying about a phone call and head office have no record of them phoning me , the manager asked me to leave the store or he will phone the police I told him to get the police, while waiting for the police a customer was returning a tent and when asked from the store what's wrong with it, they said""nothing it's to hard to put away" asked the manager how is that right when my tent is faulty and you wont exchange, he told the police I was threatening a customer, I never spoke to the customer, I also told them I am autistic, The manager lied to the police and the polices' attitude to me was horrendous I told them repeatedly told I was autistic, I have video evidence of my arrest, What are my legal rights to a new tent, any help will be greatly appreciated thank u, am also dyslexic, sorry if some of this doesn't make sense , I've loads more to tell on this whole situation xx I was arrested for not leaving the store until I had a resolution All the tents where hi gear Also I told the manager that we where on holiday to rest as we've just had 4 weeks of hell with my daughter as shes now in hospital safe, we went away for 5 days knowing she was safe , why would we come home early and try to change a faulty tent, and go back to our holiday if it wasn't faulty they weren't interested I've been having meltdowns really bad this x Also I was released from the police 2hrs later WITHOUT been Interviewed and NO CHARGES I've had a email today saying because of me being banned from the store I can have a refund I've sent them emails asking questions and they will answer the email but wont answer my questions and now they saying as a good will gesture they will refund me But I only have until Friday which is 1 day to accept the return and if I don't they will not refund me And am so distressed , Am I right the if a item is faulty you have 28 days to a full refund
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