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  1. im hoping to sue once this is over ( win or lose) , just cant cope with two at once. Im very confused about the order of putting things down in my ws, its all legal jargon and i apologise, i have FM and brain fog so its a struggle ive made notes and got items printed out so am on it
  2. Here is the contract Ive also attached the photos they took, you can see how dark it is, however i chsoe to ignore a i understood i had the right to park in the space allocated to the apartment to conduct what was an essential job during lockdown. Yes i guess i was just stupid to assume but for the life of me i didnt think there would be anyone snooping about and that on a cold dark wet late afternoon i wouldnt get a ticket. (morally) I saw that there is off road parking a few hundred yards away when i went back to look again in the summer, this is unlit and on a steep hill and i had a ladder. Im not sure what they wanted me to do. They did send the first letter from excel, recieved just after xmas. Im still chasing DVLA and also EXCEL. Shall i contact them again, excel got my SAR request in May? Vcs contract headford-redacted.pdf
  3. I would also like to know why the had an employee giving out tickets during lockdown. I was an essential worker, travelled from Lincoln to Sheffield to move a vulnerable person to a safe place
  4. here we are, its gone up from £245 to £270 that they are now claiming, not forgetting the extra £220 they want for a solicitor as per my last letter from them. They have no solicitor and are acting for themselves They are just scamming me wsfromvcsredacted_compressed.pdf4.84.pdf
  5. HI All Today i have received the WS from VCS paralegal, not 50 pages but a fair amount. Whats best thing to o, scan each page into one document, redact and post here? Its very confusing they just ramble on and on about the same thing Thanks
  6. There is no solicitor anymore. They were using elms but they informed me that is not the case anymore. I've received a letter today, another offer but I'm not happy with it. It reads like they are adding another £220 for a local solicitor to attend ( a A zoom hearing) on their behalf. That is not fair. I've attached Screenshot_20210818-170938_Chrome-converted 1.pdf
  7. Finally, i have my hearing date. 24th november by video link in small claims court. It says the claimant must pay the fee before 27th october. Do i need to get my WS out asap so he can see it and hopefully wthdraw? I have attached a page from the letter and i am confused by number 6. As i understand siple simon has to supply all those documentd as well as a a WS. 6and7courtdocaug21.pdf
  8. All points taken on board, thank you. I will revise and re-post. So they will do about 50 pages, that is really sad. Have they got nothing better to do?
  9. Not yet. I've heard nothing since the letter saying it was moved to Lincoln. No change on the website either. I was thinking..... once this is over could I then file a new claim against them for my time. I know I had the option when doing my original reply to the court papers but I widnes want to be presumptuous. Now I'm annoyed at them for taking everyone's time up. I've also got the option on the sar to excel that was ignored.
  10. Here is my WS. It reads a bit confusing and no matter how much i read about it in blogs and posts i get confused. I think iv emade it too long WITNESS STATEMENT.pdf
  11. Thanks. No, just thought that during covid they were doing online. Happy to go to court. WS prepared thankfully to the help from here
  12. small update, had a letter statig that had been moved to local court. Didnt know id have to attend, thought was small claims! Thanks for everyones help so far
  13. I've checked online today and nothing yet. Do I just kerri checking or will they write to me.? I'll start drafting a WS. Short and sweet or what's best approach? Thanks Also seen today that excel signed for their sar on 24th May
  14. Sorry, didnt realise. I thought i redacted it all. Just checked MCOL and they are still claiming £50 solicitor costs
  15. We always shared access, she uses our rear path and gate that we mintain for her, we also do her fence etc, but i see your point. Weve opted for scaffolding now but her catio is above size limit by 2m and she has no planning permission
  16. No, and now had a letter off VCS saying elms no longer representing and they are doing it themsleves
  17. The neighbour is very unfriendly. Her house is falling to bits. We built our conservatory 5 years ago. Flue was moved above it. Now it's broken and we are able to access the Flue for a boiler change because she has now put in a giant cage in her garden. We can't access any rear part of the property now for maintenance. We could access before by going down the side of the conservatory and taking the fence panel out and putting in a ladder..albeit the ladder was on her property but I'm sure we are allowed to. Now the only way to access is to climb on to of her cage or have her remove it. Its huge. Like a tiger enclosure. We are mid terrace town house
  18. Hi Strange one but urgent. We have a conservatory and understood that for urgent repairs we could access above the conservatory by going through the neighbours garden. Now she has built a giant patio out the back and we can't get our boiler replaced because we can't get to the flue. Any advice. Thanks
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