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  1. Yeah, I should have triple checked, the defence vanished. I have to make a payment tomorrow, then Lowell says they will notify Registry Trust that the CCJ should be cancelled. Is that correct?
  2. I didn't use the post, the date of online defence submission was before 7 oct, I believe it was late September. I checked my credit score it says the judgement has been added.
  3. I filed on the MCOL website. I did not counter claim, that was the "part that said something about a payment".
  4. Post it as pdf? Is there anyway I can challenge the judgement?
  5. Yes a default judgment has been issued. I'm not sure about the submission, I did send it. There was a part that said something about a payment, that was the only part I did not do. I'm searching to see if I have a screen shot or print out.
  6. Do you mean an automated response on the website or email? I did get a response on the website when I submitted my defence or that's what I thought. The defence I saved on there is now nowhere to be seen, when I was editing it was there.
  7. Money Claim Online said my defence was not submitted but I did. A claim has being issued against me, I have until the 6th of November to pay. They said I can ask for more time but I have to pay £250 etc. What can I do next? Thanks all.
  8. Right, I was just looking over both letters and realised they are slightly different, I have used your version, it was just a bit confusing. Cheers.
  9. Andy, thanks. Also should I leave 1 to 6 as it is? Should final letter be edited from the PDF file?
  10. "Re: (Lowell Portfolio I Ltd) v (Your name) Case No:" What would be the case number?
  11. @dx100ukCould you help me with your instructions please.., thanks.
  12. Andy, thanks for editing this. I knew I needed to add paragraph like this but was not sure how to construct it.
  13. Andy, I was just about to go back and respond to that comment but you beat me to it. Thanks.
  14. Okay, got it. I didn't think anyone would respond in time or at least for a week because of my experiences elsewhere, the only reason I registered last night was because I checked and found that you made a post late in the night when I was reading through everything I had just filed defence because a letter from Lowell said they would give me a CCJ after the 23rd, I was shocked as most other sites are not active or refer you all over the place.
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