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  1. Hello,  Sorry if this is the wrong section but unsure where else to post.


    I hope i dont go on too long but just trying to give as much information as i can.


    I have been looking after my two Grandchildren for the past four years after their mother was unable to look after them.  This was decided by both of us and never went through the courts.  They are 16 and 17 years of age now,  so in my care since 12 and 13.


    Their mother has had no involvement in their life in any way, since  i have been caring for them.  


    Both children had social workers due to the circumstances.


    Since being in my care,  I have received  child tax credit for both. I am 77 years of age and receive a state pension


    In 2019 I was struggling financially and the children needed new beds as the ones I had bough were cheap but all i could afford at the time,  so I had to ask Social work if they could help with new beds and bedding.  These were delivered and I was very grateful and this was the only help i have asked for.


    They have now been accepted for college and their tax credits have stopped and they receive £30 per week EMA.  When they applied for a bursary this was declined because they were not under Kinship.  I did call the social work to see if they could give me a letter stating that they were under Non cared Kinship but the social work declined to do this and stated that there was no Social work involvement,  although they had a nominated social worker who used to visit them at school as well as supplying me with beds and bedding so to me thats involvement.


    I never received any Kinship payments,  but all i am looking for is a letter saying they were Non cared for !!


    Would love advice from anyone who could give me advice on this.


    Thank you 

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