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  1. Thanks for all the input, I have agreed to the content order and sent the paperwork back to them but they haven’t acknowledged it yet?
  2. I have been exchanging with their solicitor today to try and negotiate the final settlement but have not managed to budge them, they seem very keen to resolve before the 30th due to Associated costs. Is that a sign they aren't sure how the hearing will pan out? From the details available what would you do? its been there nearly 3 years already and i've survived so am tempted to take my chances in court and if it fails ride it for another 3 years. Thanks
  3. Hi dx100uk, Thanks for replying, any advice is appreciated. Took a tesco Credit card out in 2012 all going well until 2015... got in a spot of criminal bother after a fight on a night out, that lead to me losing my job and struggling very hard I moved out of the apartment I owned to sublet it to pay the mortgage and got swept away with money issues and lost sight of this credit card after I’d maxed it out surviving. My defence is I didn’t receive it as had moved had to sell my apartment I was in such a bad way with money, moved in with friends etc.(I dont know much on this subject so am clutching at straws it’s a defence) Last payment was on 15/5/15 thanks a lot for your time
  4. I’ve ended up getting a ccj from Lowell for a tesco credit card, this was put against me in jan 2019 I have only found out about it in March as I had moved and they issued the ccj against my previous property- that’s my defence in the hearing. I straight away applied to get it set aside and the virtual hearing is on the 30th sept 2020 I can only assume the attached is their way of getting as much of this money from me as possible? Surely I go through the set aside process then negotiate a settlement.... agreeing to the order I lose the opportunity to negotiate. ant advice would be great
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