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  1. Hi


    thankyou very much. I have attached the receipt.


    Hermes are now saying the receipt issued is for a parcel in May for a shop return. From a home collection!


    Dear elizabeth ebrey,
    Regarding parcel number: 8667889760070615
    Thank you for your most recent e-mail.
    As you have booked the parcel through Packlink, you would need to discuss this matter further with Packlink.
    If you had booked the label with us directly then we would be able to assist you further but as this is not the case we are unable to assist you further.
    The receipt that you have provided us with is linked to a parcel that was on a home collection back in May.
    As there is no proof that the parcel has entered our network there is no further investigation that we can conduct.
    We would advise to proceed this matter further with Packlink as your contract is with them and not Hermes.
    Please note that this is our final correspondence on this matter and we will now close your case.
    If you would like to contact in the future regarding any other enquires we would advise to please use our online chat on the link below.
    We hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

    I am astounded as the receipt is dated the 17th July. So god only knows what is going on.


    I have drafted the following:


    I am claiming compensatory damages of £259.99 for the brand new  switch lite grey and this also included a brand new sealed  Minecraft games £29.00 plus postage/insurance cost of £9.36 Total £299.34


    If I do not receive a satisfactory response to this letter, by email, within 14 days, I will bring court proceedings without further notice. I refer you to the Practice Direction on pre-action conduct under the Civil Procedure Rules, and in particular to paragraphs 13-16 which set out the sanctions the court may impose if you fail to comply with the Practice Direction.


    I would also request disclosure of the contract between Packlink and yourselves.


    ( I pretty much copied this from any post on the forum)


    Do I need to add details regarding the receipt etc. As they have already have this? Final response so far it go back to packlink! They do not seem to want to investigate the receipt issue.


    Do I need to add the rights of third parties?



  2. Hi


    where to start!


    I sold a brand new Nintendo switch and sent it with Packlink!

    never used a courier before and now realise this was a disaster.


    item dropped off at parcel shop 17th July receipt handed to me.

    By the 31st July Hermes still not receipt parcel.

    Chased Hermes to be told they had not got it speak to Packlink.


    i even went to the parcel shop to see if it was there.

    Packlink said it had to be investigated by Hermes.


    Finally after a week Hermes got back to packlink and told them the receipt does not match the parcel and the receipt was for an item going to jd sports. Firstly I have never brought or sent anything to them.


    Parcel shop must of issued incorrect receipt!

    I paid insurance with packink so went down this avenue.

    Finally after over a month of chasing they said my insurance was void as Hermes told them the receipt was incorrect.


    i have attached a file of many emails!


    went back to Hermes tried the bot!

    Useless finally find some emails and also logged a complaint on resolver.

    I have now been told by hermes it is nothing to do with them and go back to packlink.


    hermes do not actually read the emails and kept on saying they had not got parcel as all the customer service do it put in the tracking ref and don’t acknowledge anything else.


    finally executive response nothing to do with them.

    I have responded again saying that’s all well and good but they have responsibility for issuing incorrect receipt.


    so at least they have to investigate what went wrong and either pay up or admit this to packink on some hope I can get them to pay out.


    but the purposefully skirt around questions.

    Even if they do this and confirm their fault I will probably go round in circles with packlink.


    if you read the attached file I am sure you will be appalled by it.


    thankyou for your time.

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