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  1. Well they rang me and I got a full refund plus the packlink charge. Strangely the receipt I have was for a home collection from a house on my road in May! They have no idea what happened. But did say it may also be worth contacting JDSports! Thank you for all your help.
  2. This is one receipt from and back. I hope the pictures are ok now as not sure how else I can improve them.
  3. Thanks will repost picks. Sorry the keyboard is irrelevant took pick whilst working sorry.
  4. Hi thankyou very much. I have attached the receipt. Hermes are now saying the receipt issued is for a parcel in May for a shop return. From a home collection! I am astounded as the receipt is dated the 17th July. So god only knows what is going on. I have drafted the following:
  5. Thank you I have already spent some time reading up and found it helpful. I shall definitely file a claim. Look forward to a more detailed reply.
  6. Hi where to start! I sold a brand new Nintendo switch and sent it with Packlink! never used a courier before and now realise this was a disaster. item dropped off at parcel shop 17th July receipt handed to me. By the 31st July Hermes still not receipt parcel. Chased Hermes to be told they had not got it speak to Packlink. i even went to the parcel shop to see if it was there. Packlink said it had to be investigated by Hermes. Finally after a week Hermes got back to packlink and told them the receipt does not match
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