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  1. I will never do it again, I even rarely go out after the event. Thank you for reply, it means a lot to me
  2. Hi, Im a mommy of a small baby and Im not saying to excuse the mistake I have done. However I also want no one ever able to take away my baby. I did shoplifting at tkmaxx a few times because to be honest at that point of time, I feel Im harmless, and that act hurts nobody and I can have a little more saving for me. But of course like every others who act wrongly, I got caught and I admitted it immediately. The guard also said that "you are not the first and of course not the last, go home and take care your baby". He did not call the police, and he said paying the fine from RLP and this will be just a nightmare. I know i deserve this, because now I realize that this act actually hurt the employess in the organization, they may lose the salary and jobs. and also this is a crime that gonna haunt me for life. But my question is how long does it take to receive the email as I have been waiting for the whole month but nothing come. Also, is it possible that the guard might change his mind and check the few times I also have shopliffted before (because the dates are all closed together) and make the case and call the police I can pay the fine, but I dont want they lock me inside and cannot see my baby or going to court Please dont judge me, because Im already dying
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