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  1. I don't really now why you are so insistent on the quote being posted, and I don't think it is necessay at this stage. I just wanted some insight into whether it is feasible to also issue proceedings against the wife as the money was paid into her bank account. The address of the registered office is not their home address.
  2. I received the quote with the company name not a receipt.
  3. Sorry, do you mean the receipts of my payments The company is Swift Building & Home Improvements Ltd
  4. Thank you for your response. I already know that the property is a housing association property. I have already taken photographs and have historic recording on the ring doorbell, up to the date they dismantled it in August. I am also taking pictures each day of the work the new builders have completed on a daily basis for reference. I have already spoken with the new builders and they are prepared to provide me a summary of the the work completed, and their estimate of the materials used and the cost. I have asked the previous builder on 4 different oc
  5. I got a quote from a builder to erect a basic timber leanto on the back of my property, and do some remedial work to an already existing brick shed. The area for the leanto already had decking but this was rotting so was to be removed. The builder is a part time firman, and is a near neighbour of my daughter, and semed a friendly enough person. When he came to view the job in May 20, I explained I was not looking to start the works until begining of August 20, so I could comfortabley get the funds together. He mentioned he would be free to start on 1st July 20 as had no work boo
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